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I started my glass journey after watching a close friend working glass in his studio over the summer of 2006. As soon as I first lit the torch I was hooked! Not knowing where this new found passion would lead me, I bought some equipment and got started exploring this beautiful art form in my little studio. For the first few years I focused mostly on jewelry, marbles and small sculptures.


I received my first inquiry to do a memorial piece a couple years ago. Unsure of what was exactly involved I started researching and practicing, I knew creating something this important needed to be perfect. I completed my first order and nervously showed my customer. Her reaction to what I had created for her was so heart warming. To see her smile and to know I gave her a little peace during such a difficult time felt wonderful as an artist. I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. Nothing can ever replace the love you have for that person, but to be able to carry a small piece of them with you always, can give you a little comfort.


If this is something you are interested in pursuing please know I take great pride in every piece I create, and enjoy giving a little comfort during such a difficult time.




Ashlea Bannerman

Glass Artist


Sunset in Tofino, BC
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